[:en]Domestic Section from Dilitas International Security Brief[:]


The Domestic Section from this week’s Dilitas International Security Brief.

The threat to the UK from International Terrorism is SEVERE
The threat to Great Britain from Irish Republican Terrorism is SUBSTANTIAL

Threat levels are designed to give a broad indication of the likelihood of a terrorist attack.

LOW means an attack is unlikely
MODERATE means an attack is possible, but not likely
SUBSTANTIAL means an attack is a strong possibility
SEVERE means an attack is highly likely
CRITICAL means an attack is expected imminently


Police are to investigate whether Northern Ireland’s Assembly speaker broke the law by not declaring an interest in a UDA-linked community organisation.

Dozens of mustard gas canisters have been cleared from two sites in Lincolnshire, police have said. Officers said 140 had been recovered from Roughton Moor Woods, while 10 were found in Stixwould Lake.

Police have found what they described as a number of “suspected terrorist-related articles” during a day-long security alert in County Antrim. The operation began at 17:30 BST on Sunday when officers were notified of a suspicious object on Budore Road, Dundrod.