Thinking Outside The Box

Hermaseal – a Perspex, sealed container in which suspicious mail is opened safely.

Your business or home can be disrupted or family and staff infected by a benign, dangerous or noxious substance sent through the post.

Hermaseal enables your post to be opened in a sealed container preventing the contents from being released into the immediate environment.

Hermaseal will protect:
• your home and business
• your staff and family
• your building.

It will also ensure:
• business continuity
• productivity
• brand reputation
• prevent contamination of air conditioning.

A Hermaseal unit costs £475.00 plus VAT plus postage & packing.

For more information, contact Dilitas Ltd on +44 208 397 5990
or email: Hermaseal@dilitas.com

The name Hermaseal is the property of Dilitas Ltd and is protected by Copyright.

Thinking outside the box

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