Cyber Security Services

Internet/Cyber-attacks are now a common risk.

Victims range from individuals to multi-nationals. The attackers range from individuals to foreign agencies.  Therefore, cyber security services are essential.

Hackers and Cyber Attackers have a myriad of weapons and facilities at their disposal.  The very nature of attacks has substantially changed over the last few years. The development and rapid expansion of the digital environment has created specific and sophisticated security issues and risks, which cannot be ignored.  Such attacks are now a major focus of the UK security service and other areas of the UK security agency.

The ability for cyber criminals to access and compromise data and information online, as well as via customer channels, is now commonplace and the focus of every security agency and allied security service provider.  Therefore, a specific and specialised methodology, which constantly evolves, is essential to mitigate these risks.

Dilitas provides the advice and guidance to implement effective security technology to ensure your privacy levels.

We collate the intelligence for you to make the right decisions for pro-active work and the appropriate response to attacks.

With support of our associates, Dilitas can provide a real time cyber-attack alerts system to detect global trends in malicious activities on the Internet.

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